If you need to track your auto mileage, you need AutoMile for the Mac

AutoMile (http://briantoth.com/automile) for Mac OS X (10.9 or higher) is a solid alternative to other mileage tracking apps that require recording your car's odometer reading. It's built for quick data entry using drag 'n drop and conveniently supports keyboard shortcuts.

With the app, you simply record where you go, and it does the rest. AutoMile looks up the distance traveled between stops and keeping a running total of the miles you've traveled. You can also do your recording whenever you like — for instance, at the end of the day or the end of the week.

With AutoMile, you can import your locations from Address Book, Outlook, or vCard and export reports to a CSV formatted file for Excel or Numbers. Those reports include monthly and annual totals. The software will use kilometers if your Mac is set to use metric units.

A demo is available for download, there are no time limits. However, the trial copy only supports a limited number of days and locations. You can buy AutoMile for $29.99 at the Mac App Store.