Apple asks judge to deny DOJ’s latest iPhone unlocking request

On Friday Apple asked a New York federal judge to reject the U.S. Justice Department's latest attempt to force the company to unlock an iPhone, saying the government has "utterly failed" to prove it needs such unusual technical support.

As noted by The Mercury News, Apple's lawyers renewed their defense of the company's need to protect the security of iPhone users. The attorneys accused the FBI of seeking to force Apple to unlock a smartphone in a Brooklyn drug case solely to set precedent across the country that threatens its strong encryption in iPhones.

Apple also maintains the Justice Department's request is questionable since the FBI initially insisted it needed Apple to unlock an iPhone in the the San Bernardino shooter case, then ditched the request when it it worked around Apple’s lack of cooperation.

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn want a court order to require Apple to help them access data from a smartphone used by a convicted drug dealer. According to court documents released in February, the government sought access to the phone in October, months before the San Bernardino, California attacks.