Notable apps and app updates for April 15, 2016

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

OS X Apps and Updates

Pixave 2

If there's one thing that the Photos app doesn't do very well, it's organizing images. While the idea of Years, Moments, and drilling down into a sea of image icons seems like it would work, it often takes a long time to find a specific photo or an image that will fill a need. Pixave 2 ($14.99) was not only named a Best of 2015 App by Apple, but has been featured as a "Best New App" for OS X throughout this  year. It has a ton of great ratings from users, supports almost every type of format you can imagine, and makes tagging fast and easy. 

CARROT Weather

Can't get enough of the snarky weather reports, meatbags? Yeah, well if you can shell out $11.99 for Carrot Weather for Mac, you'll get "eerily accurate" weather date with precipitation forecasts that tell you how awful it is to be you, stuck in the rain or snow. Hey, and if you want to ever find out the weather on the Moon, CARROT Weather is your buddy. If you've ever used CARROT Weather on the iPhone you'll know exactly just how sarcastic and fun this app will be. 


iOS Apps and Updates


So, you want to buy a used car, or maybe sell your lightly-used auto to get some cash? Beepi (free) is an online marketplace where you can look for used cars, make an offer, and have them delivered straight to your home. Selling? Make an appointment with an inspector, get an estimated price, and you will not only get a guaranteed price but a sale in 30 days or less. Wish this had been around 12 years ago... 


So, it's time for the weekend and you're sending out photos on social media and Tinder to generate interest... But of course, there's that little problem with your not-so-white teeth and that big zit on the side of your face. That's where Facetune ($3.99) comes in handy!  It has tools for patching marks on your face, whitening teeth, eliminating freckles and other spots, and more. Of course, that'll get you the date, but your incredible personality is going to be what makes that other person look past the superficial details and become your soul mate.