Here’s a secret keyboard shortcut for the Mac Emoji Viewer

You use Emoji on your iPhone/iPad all the time. You know Emoji, right? They’re those little picture/icon thingies — 💋   😀   🤓   😜   💋  — so easily invoked on an iOS device keyboard. But did you know they’re just as easy to invoke and use on your Mac?

Well they are, as long as you know the secret keyboard shortcut: Command + Control + Spacebar. When you use the shortcut, you’ll see either the expanded Emoji and Symbol Viewer window:

Or the smaller Emoji and Symbol Viewer palette:

To switch between the window and palette, click the little thing with the Command key symbol in the upper-right corner of both the window and palette (the one that looks like this): 

If you forget the keyboard shortcut (but love Emojis), you can add an Emoji menu to your menu bar:

  • Launch System Preferences
  • Click the Keyboard icon
  • Click the Keyboard tab
  • Enable the checkbox: “Show Keyboard, Emoji, and Symbol Viewers in menu bar.”

Now you can easily insert stupid little picture-icon things in all your writings. Or not.

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