Uno Noteband wearable device works with Apple’s Health app

The new Uno Noteband syncs all messages, alerts and notifications across platforms onto one gadget for fast updates without having to access a smartphone — though it syncs with Apple’s Health app on your iPhone or iPad to monitor and track your sleep, activity and calories burned at a glance. The Health app provides a dashboard of your health and fitness data. 

The Uno Noteband is equipped with an accelerometer, which the folks at Uno Noseband claim is the world’s smallest. Why would you want one? 

“The average person takes their phone out and unlocks it more than 150 times a day,” says Mark Long, CEO and Founder of Uno Noteband. “There are already so many distractions that get in the way of our everyday routines, and Uno is here to solve that exact problem. Now that all of your alerts can be checked with a simple glimpse at your wrist, you can do just about anything, go just about anywhere, and still feel connected.”

The Uno Noteband utilizes Spritz reading compression technology that purportedly allows a person to read up to 600 words a minute—three times faster than normal—with minimal effort. The free Uno Noteband app allows users to select which platforms they want to receive notifications from on their device. Users can choose to receive alerts from text messages, incoming phone calls, calendar reminders, emails, Facebook, Twitter, Google Fit, Apple Health and more. 

The Noteband vibrates when an alert is received, and then displays the alert once the screen has been touched. Equipped with the world’s smallest 6-axis accelerometer that can track steps, calories and sleep quality, the device also has a highly advanced and accurate fitness component.

The Uno Noteband has an OLED display and is designed to last for several days on a single charge. It’s launching in an all-black version, but additional colors will be available later.