Siri learns a new trick on 4th-gen Apple TV: Live Tune-In


Siri's universal search on the 4th-generation Apple TV gained power earlier this week with the addition of the Starz app and CBS to the list of channels. MacRumors today highlighted a new feature of Siri -- Live Tune-In, which allows viewers to pop right into live programming with a single command to Siri Remote.

MacRumors noted that Live Tune-In was detailed on the What's New splash page, which is under the Settings channel in the System section. According to the splash page (as seen below), with Live Tune-In viewers can "Ask Siri to start watching a live channel in one of the supported apps, such as CBS, Disney XD and ESPN. Try saying "Watch CBS" or "Watch ESPN live". 

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As MacRumors says, some live streaming apps require subscriptions for live TV viewing, so that CBS app won't work unless you have a CBS All Access account. Some live streaming apps that don't support Live Tune-In (yet) include the Food Network and ABC, so don't ask your Siri Remote if you can watch the latest Cutthroat Kitchen...