iPad Pro + Deluxe Folio = traveling office/workstation

If, like my AWT compadre Steve, your iPad Pro has replaced your laptop, and if you’re a bona fide road warrior, you can add a MobilePro Series Deluxe Folio to your arsenal and turn yourself into a roving workplace.

The $99.99 mobile workstation lets you carry and work with both the super-sized iPad and paper (you do remember paper, don’t you?). One component of the Deluxe Folio is the SmartConnect Case, which allows an iPad Pro to be used in-folio, free-standing or hand-held, in vertical or horizontal orientation, and at three viewing angles thanks to a built-in stand and snap-in tray. The keyboard cover’s magnetic closure unfolds into a wrist rest, which is a nice design touch.

The SmartConnect System magnetically attaches the cover of Deluxe Folio to component number two: the Fellowes MobilePro Series Bluetooth Keyboard (sold separately for $64.95). I prefer Smart Keyboard, but, thankfully, the Deluxe Folio can accommodate Apple’s keyboard — or an Apple Smart Cover.

The Fellowes solution also features a ballistic nylon exterior, business card holders, pen loops, a file folder, a refillable writing pad pocket, and a magnetic closure. You can pack just about everything but the kitchen sink. Surprisingly versatile, the SmartConnect Case can be detached from the folio to allow for free-standing or handheld use.

For me the Fellowes product is overkill. It doubles the size of the iPad/Smart Keyboard that often accompanies me, and I’m not on the road very much these days. However, if I needed to frequently work on a plane, train, or hotel room, and if I needed to be able to quickly write on paper as well as type on an iPad, the MobilePro Series Deluxe Folio would be my traveling buddy.

As far back as April 2013, USA Today noted that fewer business professionals were traveling with laptops, and more were traveling with iPads.  In the third quarter of 2015, 71% of enterprise tablet activations were for Apple tablets. If you need the versatility to use the iPad in a plethora of configurations and work environments, check out the Deluxe Folio.