Apple’s Swift programming language grew swiftly in 2015

Swift, Apple’s programming language, grew swiftly in 2015, according’s "Fast 50" report.

The data comes from 1,429,842 projects “which have been filtered for spam, advertising, self promotion, reposts, or that are otherwise unlikely to be filled,” the published report says. Swift-related jobs grew 566% year-over-year as more developers took notice of the newly open­-sourced programming language., according to the Fast 50 report. 

Touted as safe, fast, and expressive, Swift appeals to developers who are aiming to build on Apple’s multiple platforms, such as iOS, OS X, and watchOS. And with Apple’s release of its iPhone SE and the 9.7­-inch iPad Pro, predicts that interest in Swift will continue to surge as programmers rush to meet the demands of the Apple­-crazed market.

This might eventually spell the doom of Blackberry, which has been struggling ever since Apple launched the first iPhone. Despite efforts to keep up (even launching an Android phone of their own), Blackberry jobs were at a dismal ­27% (to 1,107 jobs) growth last year, notes