Target stores adding a Connected Health section featuring Qardio products

Some big changes are coming (or in some cases have come) to Target stores, particularly in the pharmacy section. First, the Target pharmacies are becoming CVS pharmacies. But the big news is that those pharmacies will be adding a Connected Health section nationwide in the very near future, featuring Qardio's product line of digital health products.

Qardio's products work in tandem with iOS devices to make it simple for people to keep track of weight and cardiovascular health. Apple World Today reviewed one of the products -- the $99 QardioArm Smart Blood Pressure Monitor -- and we were incredibly impressed with the device, which integrates results into the Apple Health app. How impressed? It was an Apple World Today Top Pick for 2015.

Qardio also makes the $149.99 QardioBase smart scale (see image above), which measure BMI, muscle mass, body fat percentage, water, and bone composition in addition to weight. Once again, it works beautifully with the iPhone and in particular with Apple Health. 

Target is pushing to bring digital and connected health to the public, and this is a great way to do get reliable, medical-grade technology to people at an affordable price point.