Kanex MultiSync Bluetooth Keyboard lets you easily connect up to four OS X, iOS devices

Kanex's MultiSync Aluminum Mac Keyboard is a premium wireless keyboard that connects to not one, not two, not three, but up to four Mac or iOS devices. Sweet. Most traditional Bluetooth keyboards only pair with a single device at a time.

The aluminum body and space grey color make the $99 gadget a rugged and good-looking accessory. Four Bluetooth keys let you easily switch between four Macs, iPhones, or iPads; just pair your devices and start typing. The low profile keys make for a comfortable typing experience, though the keys are a bit “softer” than on Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

You can adjust screen brightness, volume, play and pause with the single touch focus keys on the familiar Mac layout. What’s more, unlike Apple’s Magic Keyboard, the Kanex MultiSync Aluminum Mac Keyboard features a full numeric keypad so you can enter numbers, and arrow keys for scrolling through documents and game play. 

Also unlike (unfortunately) the Apple Magic Keyboard, you can’t charge the Kanex MultiSync Aluminum Keyboard via a Lightning connection. It uses two AAA batteries, which should be enough to power it for several weeks before recharging. Plus, after 30 minutes of non-use, the Kanex keyboard goes to sleep.

Should you buy it? If you want one keyboard to rule them all, yes, the MultiSync Aluminum Mac Keyboard is worth the moolah. On the other hand, I have a Magic Keyboard for use with my iMac and a Smart Keyboard for use with my iPad Pro, so don’t really need one. You’ll have to decide where you fit along the spectrum.