The dreaded Tax Day approaches: What mobile tax prep apps are Americans using?

This year, Tax Day for Americans falls on Monday, April 18. Yes, even Apple's Calendar app has it wrong... While many of us have filed our taxes already, there are always a lot of people who wait until the last possible moment to get their taxes done. Mobile Action is a mobile data analytics firm that looks at app download statistics, and the company has grabbed some numbers that show that most Americans downloaded free mobile tax apps in early February. Good for you!

Mobile Action looked at the download history for five tax apps: TurboTax Tax Preparation, IRS2Go, TaxCaster by TurboTax, My Block, and H&R Block Tax Preparation. While the numbers aren't broken out by mobile platform, they show that a lot of people apparently jumped on the download bandwagon on February 2, 2016 -- the top day for downloading mobile tax apps.

Data and charts courtesy of Mobile Action.

Data and charts courtesy of Mobile Action.

TurboTax Tax Preparation has grabbed the most downloads so far this year; over 1.4 million. Unsurprisingly, the Internal Revenue Service came in second with the IRS2Go app at nearly a million downloads.

If you haven't yet even started to think about getting your taxes filed, consider tapping one of those links in the second paragraph of this post to get started. Good luck, and remember that you have this weekend to complete your taxes!