HTC 10: An Android phone with native support for Apple's AirPlay

There are a ton of AirPlay compatible devices installed around the world, from speakers to Apple TVs, and for the best possible experience it's recommended that you beam music or video to them from Apple devices. Well, for the first time, a smartphone manufacturer other than Apple -- HTC -- has announced a product that supports AirPlay. The HTC 10 will have native support for AirPlay, meaning that it will work without the need for the third-party workarounds that are required for other Android devices.

HTC licensed the AirPlay protocol directly from Apple, and the implementation of AirPlay is quite good. A three finger swipe-up reveals the HTC Connect overlay, and any AirPlay-compatible device will now appear as a choice for video or audio beaming.

HTC vice president of product marketing, Darren Sng, says the company wants to make its smartphones as feature-full as possible, even it that means licensing support for third-party software. The company would love for the chance to put Apple Pay in its smartphones as well, and perhaps the inclusion of AirPlay is a first step in that direction.