AWT News Update: April 12, 2016

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We're just dripping news all over the place here:

  • Apple World Today and are happy to announce the latest issue of MyApple Magazine and our new iOS app.
  • Gene Munster surveys teens, finds out they like iPhones even more than they used to
  • Coming in the near future: Facebook Messenger bots and even more live video
  • Smile decides to give past TextExpander customers a break on pricing

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Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for April 12, 2016.

In case you haven’t been to the Apple World Today website today, we want to make sure that you notice one thing — the first issue of MyApple Magazine for 2016 is now available. You can either download it as a PDF or — even better — get the new MyApple Magazine app from the App Store. Whenever a new issue of MyApple Magazine is released, you’ll get a notification and can open the app to read it immediately. The app give you full access to all past issues of MyApple Magazine, and stores a local copy if you want to read issues offline. The best thing? All of this is free. MyApple Magazine is a joint venture between Apple World Today in the US and in Poland. A link to download the app will be in the sidebar on the website from now on.

Gene Munster, the Apple analyst extraordinaire from investment firm Piper Jaffray, loves to see what teens think of Apple gear since they tend to set trends and also have a lot of spending power. What he found in his most recent survey of teens is that teen interest in iPhones is huge. A total of 69 percent of teens surveyed already own iPhones, and 75 percent expect their next phone to be an iPhone. While the Apple Watch was the most popular Smartwatch listed, most teens really preferred fitness bands, in particular Fitbit devices. Another interesting result from the survey was that interest in the iPad has increased among teens who plan to buy a tablet. This may be due to the recent launch of the iPad Pro models, which many teens may see as a replacement for a laptop.

Some of your future Facebook Messenger chats may be with Messenger Bots, chat bots that will be able to take orders for services without human intervention. Facebook announced the new Messenger Platform today, and used the example of 1-800-Flowers, which will start accepting Messenger-based delivery orders soon. Bots can also send automatic subscription content like weather, traffic updates, and maybe even Apple World Today content. That’s not all that was unveiled at Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference today. The company also opened its Live API to third-party developers, which means that streaming video can come from almost any source. Drone manufacturer DJI will soon allow drone owners to push live drone video to Facebook via the DJI Go app, and TouchCast today announced that its live streaming broadcasts will be able to be viewed on Facebook. Finally, the company will soon allow app sign-ins with a phone number or email address without a password or Facebook account. Instead, uses get a code sent to them through SMS. It’s good to see that they’re busy at Facebook.

Finally, remember the outcry over the subscription pricing plan that developer Smile came out with last week for its flagship product TextExpander? The company will now allow individual plan members who had used TextExpander in the past to subscribe at just $20 per year indefinitely.

We’ll be back tomorrow with another edition of the AWT News Update.