EPod makes your iOS music library interface more iPod-like

Andrew Kaz, long time Apple developer, has debuted EPod, a newly reimagined iPod-like interface for an iOS music library. 

The $1.99 app is designed like “an electronic iPod” — meaning, it’s similar to an original iPod's interface in simplicity and use/intent, but it’s designed like some new, more visual/abstract, imaginary electronic device – like an iPod “device" reimagined, with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

EPod features Visual Shuffle, which provides a visual shuffle of your music, rather than the old type of, “hear random music” shuffle.Visual Shuffle allows you to choose from shuffled music, on screen. Shuffled songs you can choose from are presented visually, like mini LP records. EPod also offers links from songs to artists and albums, with the ability to play full albums and discographies, as well as search features.