MAZ launches Home platform for the Apple TV

MAZ, a New York City-based startup, has released a new platform called Home, which is designed to enable any media provider to distribute their video content on an Apple TV.

CEO Paul Canetti says that, in many ways, Apple TV is reminiscent of the early days of iPhone, where the App Store enabled newer and smaller brands to emerge and establish an audience. Using MAZ's Home platform, “brands of any size can quickly and easily create apps with a fraction of the time and cost it would take with traditional custom development,” he adds.

"There were phones before apps, but no one remembers them,” Canetti says. ”The way we thought about phones back then is the way we think about TV today. Apps are going to dramatically change that, and we want to make sure that anyone with video content can be at the forefront of that change”

Following on the heels of recent MAZ product releases like Wear, a platform for wearables such as the Apple Watch, Home is part of a larger strategy to empower brands to be in contact with their customers throughout the day.