Juicy Bits delivers Bez, a powerful vector graphics editor for iPad and iPad Pro

It's great when a developer creates a new product that provides yet another reason for people to do more work on the iPad and especially the iPad Pro. That's the case with a new vector graphics editor released today. Bez (free, $7.99 in-app purchase to unlock all features) is designed to create and export vector graphics on Apple's tablets, and it looks like a winner.

According to Juicy Bits founder Michael Swanson, Bez has its roots in a search for new features to add to Halftone 2 -- a perennial Editor's Choice in the App Store and the flagship app of Juicy Bits. The developers found that one of the features users wanted was a way to edit the WHAM, BAM, and POW sound effects found in comic books, which are usually created by comic book artists using tools like Adobe Illustrator. Bez evolved into a separate app as the developers found that a full-featured vector graphics editor was going to be the answer.

Bez has full support for Slide Over, Split View, the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil. What's great about the app's pricing structure is that illustrators can try all important features for free, and when they decide that Bez is going to work for them, the $7.99 in-app purchase unlocks the ability to save in PNG and SVG formats, import and export documents to cloud services like iCloud and Dropbox, import SVG, OTF, TTF and ASE files, and copy alpha images to the clipboard.

So why the name "Bez"? It's a nod to the Bézier curve, a parametric curve used in computer graphics. Probably the best known app for doing vector graphics work that takes advantage of Bézier curves is Adobe Illustrator, and Bez has the ability to perform many of the drawing tasks of the more expensive Illustrator. What are those features?

  • Designed for touch, Smart Keyboard, and Apple Pencil
  • Interactive tools for creating new shapes and easily editing corners, curves, and line segments
  • Support for multiple styles (strokes, fills, and shadows) per object
  • Rotate, scale, and translate objects interactively or by entering numeric values
  • Unlimited layers and groups for flexible document organization
  • Full undo and redo support for worry-free editing
  • Snap to objects, a grid, or individual pixels, and use smart guides for accurate spacing
  • Symbol library for storing common shapes
  • Shape alignment and distribution tools
  • Boolean shape operations like combine, subtract, intersect, and exclude
  • Pan and zoom up to 4,096% for precise edits

We hope to have a complete review of Bez soon.