If you (sob) don’t have an Apple smartphone, you’ll need the MacFlip cable

Many folks weren’t happy when Apple replaced its old dock connectors with the reversible Lightning cable (so imagine the outcry if the rumors of upcoming iPhones eliminating the audio jack are true), but Lightning has made life easier for iPhone and iPad users. The MicFlip, which is purportedly the world’s first reversible micro-USB cable, is designed to do the same for Android (and other non-iOS smartphone) users.

The MicFlip (pronounced “Mike-flip”) works in any orientation, so it’s work whenever you attempt to plug in a micro-USB device — even if you’re fumbling in the dark. Featuring a hardy aluminum shell, gold plated plugs, and a braided cable (that’s strong and tangle free), the $19.99 cord is available in 20cm, 100cm, and 200cm version and silver, gold, and red/black flavors. 

If you have an Android smartphone, you’ll love the handy MicFlip. Or you could switch to an iPhone and really improve your life.