Apple: we won’t sue the FBI for hacking into an iPhone

Apple says it won’t sue the FBI for paying another firm for tools it used to hack into an iPhone owned by one of the San Bernadino, California, shooters, reports TechnoBuffalo. The iPhone maker says the method the FBI used won’t work on newer smartphones. 

Questions are still lingering over how the FBI found a backdoor into the device, but the agency reportedly hired Israeli-firm Cellebrite for technical assistance in accessing the phone. Until they were able to hack into the iPhone, government lawyers have insisted they needed Apple to write special software so that the FBI could bypass the security features on the iPhone being used by the shooter, Syed Farook, and obtain information critical to their ongoing terrorism investigation.

In related news, more than 2,000 miles from San Bernardino, another Apple smartphone could hold important evidence in a large-scale drug investigation, authorities told The Tampa Tribune. It involves a Tampa iPhone that belonged to Julio Alvarez, described by officials as the leader of a highly organized syndicate of marijuana grow houses in three Florida counties. The device is now at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which is tasked with gaining access to the contents, according to court documents and Assistant State Attorney Darrell Dirks.