This is Laugh at Work Week, so celebrate accordingly

April 1-7 is Laugh at Work Week. Steve and I always have fun here at Apple World Today, but wanted to suggest some apps to help you liven up your workplace.

This is a week dedicated to building more fun into our workplaces. Work should always have an element of fun. Here are some apps that may bring a smile to your face and the faces of your co-workers.

Funny Reader is a $0.99 app for Mac OS X. Available at at the Mac App Store, it’s a simple speech synthesizer. Type in any text you want, and Funny Reader will read it for you in some, uh, weird voices, including Bells, Boing, Bubbles, Deranged, Pipe Organ, Princess, and more.

Funny-Quotes, which you nab at the Mac App Store for $1.99, is filled with funny quotes to keep you entertained. Quotes change periodically.

If you prefer some fun on your iOS device, there’s the $0.99 Energy Charger-Artwork Jokes series. It has, as the name implies, a series of jokes on various topics. Or there’s the Funny Pics LOL! It’s a free collection of pictures, memes, comics, jokes, and silly wallpapers.