Happy 40th birthday, Apple (and here’s a brief history)

In homage to its history, Apple has hung a pirate flag at its Infinite Loop Headquarters — as noted by 9to5Mac.com — to celebrate its 40th birthday. The skull and crossbones flag, which has a rainbow Apple logo as one eye, is a nod to the late Steve Jobs who is quoted as saying: “It’s better to be a pirate than to join the navy.”

Following is a very brief history of our favorite tech company. It only includes some of the highlights and isn’t intended as a thorough overview.

In Apple 1, 1976, Apple Computer was born. Their first product: the Apple I, cooked up by Steve Jobs and Steven “Woz” Wozniak. Hobbyists didn’tt take the Apple I very seriously, and Apple did not begin to take off until 1977, when the Apple II debuted at a local computer trade show. It was the first personal computer to come in a plastic case and include color graphics. The Apple III debuted in 1980.

In 1984 the company debuted theMac as part of its mission to create "bicycles for the mind." On Jan. 22,1984, during the third quarter of the Super Bowl, Apple aired its 60 second "1984" commercial introducing the Mac. The first PowerBooks were shipping in 1991.

In 1998, shortly after Jobs return to the company, the iMac was introduced as “the Internet-age computer for the rest of us” (the “i” in “iMac” stands for “Internet”). Plans for Mac OS X were announced the same year. The laptop version of the iMac, the iBook, arrived in 1999 and Jobs officially became CEO of Apple in 2000.

The first iPod shipped in 2001. The iTunes Music Store opened in 2003. The iPhone debuted in 2007 (as did the Apple TV), the iPad in 2010, and the Apple Watch in 2014.

So happy 40th birthday, Apple. I can’t wait to see what the next four decades bring.