Business spotlight: Chronos, making OS X and iOS software

Apple World Today runs an occasional series (as whenever Steve and I have time) that will spotlight a company that offers cool products and/or services for Apple users. This week we’re featuring Chronos.

“The name Chronos comes from the Greek word ‘khronos,” which means time, says Jerry Halls, vice president of sales. “The information flow and demands of the twenty-first century require that we find more efficient ways to utilize time, our most precious resource. Einstein suggested that Time Dilation (which happens when objects approach the speed of light) is the only way to slow down time. Since this is not feasible, Chronos aims to give people back more seconds, minutes and hours in their day by providing effective time and contact management solutions.”

Chronos makes consumer and small business software for OS X and iOS. Based in Heber City, Utah, the company has been making award-winning Mac software since 1993.

The list of software titles the company makes is too long to list here. However, there are two Chronos apps (NoteLife and NoteLife HD) for iOS and 15 for OS X, including Daylife (pictured), iClipboard (one of my favorites), Business Card Shop, SOHO Organizer, and the new FotoFuse.

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