Belkin does away with the need for an Apple Watch with new Wrist-Candi Band for iPhone

Let's face it - isn't it kind of stupid that you have to carry an iPhone with you in order to get your Apple Watch to do anything "smart"? Belkin today announced its new Wrist-Candi Band for iPhone (US$49.99), which not only does away with the need for an Apple Watch by placing your iPhone comfortably on your wrist or ankle, but also offers waterproof protection and additional power. 

Available in Purple Rain, Flamingo Pink and Midnight Black, the Wrist-Candi Band is the first iPhone wristband with a built-in solar battery. Stay outside in bright sunlight, and the Wrist-Candi keeps your iPhone powered up. The device is available in sizes for the iPhone SE, iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus. 

According to Belkin Product Manager Candice B. Fureal, “We know that many people suffer from “nomophobia” (no-mobile-phone-phobia), which is defined as anxiety or distress that an individual experiences when they do not have their phone. We decided to create a solution that would eradicate this concern once and for all. The Wrist-Candi Band allows users to always have their iPhone at arm’s reach, and charged up.”

As with many of the products announced today, Apple World Today will be reviewing the Wrist-Candi Band as soon as it arrives in our labs for testing. WrisW