iPhone users consume more media content than Android users

Parks Associates has announced new consumer research showing smartphone owners spend more time per day listening to music on their device compared to other major entertainment activities. 

Digital media usage also varies based on the operating system and carrier. iPhone users consume more media content than users of Android and other operating systems. Forty-five percent of iPhone owners watch movies or TV shows on their phones daily; 40% of Samsung phone owners watch these longer video clips on their device at least once per day.

T-Mobile and Sprint customers have the highest incidence of daily music consumption among U.S. carriers-over 75% of subscribers for T-Mobile or Sprint listen to streaming music daily, versus 66% of Verizon users.

The research notes 68% of smartphone owners listen to streaming music daily, while 71% watch short video clips. However, video viewers spend only 24 minutes on average watching short clips, while streaming music consumers spend 45 minutes per day on this activity.

“Currently Amazon Prime Music is the most popular paid music subscription service among U.S. broadband households, thanks to its inclusion in Amazon Prime, but the streaming music war has intensified as the large connected entertainment companies are driving to consolidate their offerings," says Harry Wang, director, Health & Mobile Product Research, Parks Associates. "Apple launched Apple Music, and Google is consolidating its music offerings across its Play content store and YouTube platform. Consumers are getting more music options as the competition for users escalates.”