ExxonMobil updates Speedpass+ app for iPhone to add Apple Pay support

ExxonMobil customers using the Speedpass+ app have a new option for paying for gas at certain gas stations now -- Apple Pay. The feature is available at 6,000 stations immediately, with 4,000 more expected to be added by the end of 2016.

ExxonMobil is using a software -- rather than hardware -- solution to implement Apple Pay at the pump. The app uses location services to determine what station you're pumping gas at, or you can choose to scan a QR code. Select the pump number, and then confirm the payment with Touch ID. Once the fill-up is complete, the credit card that is linked to Apple Pay is charged for the total amount. Paper receipts can be printed if you wish. 

Other companies that are fighting the cost of purchasing NFC readers for gas pumps need to follow the lead of ExxonMobil.