Update to Hours brings cloud backup, web access and subscription option to the time-tracking app

For anyone who needs to keep track of time spent doing work for a client for eventual invoicing, Hours (free with subscription option) has been a very popular and powerful tool. An update last week to version 2.0 brought a ton of changes to the app, as well as the ability to start using the app for free and then purchase a subscription only if you need advanced reporting features. 

The changes made by developer Jeremy Olson and his team are impressive! Rather than just upgrade the iOS app with a few features, Hours has turned into a time tracking service that's accessible on the web. That's perfect if you or your team use iPhones to put your your time into Hours, but your stick-in-the-mud accountant is still insisting on using her Windows XP PC to enter those hours into her ancient accounting system. She can pull up Hours on the web and have her way with the data.

The addition of the service means that the data is now synced and backed up in the cloud, so there are no worries if users need to move between devices. The subscription option is just $8 per month per user regardless if it's just one person using the app or an entire team. The great thing about the Pro subscription is that it does provide for advanced web reporting and data visualizations, along with the ability to create and administer teams. Users can be named as administrators for time reporting, and it's possible to check just how much time has been tracked by team members in real time. 

The update also added a fresh and colorful new design, as well as 3D Touch support -- just force touch the app icon to start, stop or switch timers from the home screen. Apple Watch owners get to start and stop timers from their wrists, add notes through dictation, and more. 

There's just one thing that irritates me about Hours 2.0 -- why wasn't it available when I was a consultant and was tracking time spent with clients? Anyone with a need to track time needs to start using Hours 2.0 immediately, and since it's free to try you have no excuses. Go. Do it now.