The TENC is a thin, durable, ‘invisible’ case for the iPad Pro

If you like Just Mobile’s AutoHeal screen protector for the iPad Pro — see my review here— you’ll also appreciate the company’s TENC, a near-invisible, “self-mending” case for the super-sized tablet.

It sports the same “auto-healing smart materials with an advanced fingerprint and dust-resistant smooth-touch coating that consigns sticky-feeling screen protectors to the dustbin of history” as the AutoHeal. The technology repairs minor scratches to the case.

The $49.95 TENC perfectly lines up with the iPad Pro’s edges (the top two corners are completely covered, and the bottom two corners are covered to the curve). It offers protection while still showcasing the looks of the tablet and offering easy access to all ports, buttons, switches. Conveniently, the TENC works just fine with an Apple Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard. 

I also like the way the TENC feels. It’s soft to the touch and actually adds some “grippability” when holding the iPad Pro. The only downside is that it doesn’t protect the tablet’s display. For that you’ll have to pay extra for a screen protector such as the AutoHeal.

Still, the TENC is easy to install (you just line it up and press it on), is impressively thin, and is durable yet attractive. It’s one of the best iPad Pro cases I’ve tried.