iAddressX offers quick, easy access to Mac OS X Contacts info

If you need quick access to your contacts in Mac OS X, one solution is iAddressX from Tropical Software. The $19.9app allows you to access and navigate contacts from a small icon in the menubar.

Once you download and install iAddressX it will ask for permission to import your OS X contacts. Once done, you have instant access to them, can search through them, and can perform tasks such as printing to your Dymo Label printer right from the utility. 

You can dial regular land line and Skype calls right from iAddressX, as well as quickly send email. The app offers the ability to: control which groups to show in the iAddressX menu; specify the default property for a person; and the ability to hide "Open iAddressX Preferences" and "Open Address Book."

You can show show all contacts in the main menu. With iAddressX selecting a person header in the menu now shows the person in Mac OS X's Contacts app.

Tropical Software acquired iAddressX from a developer who was no longer developing it. The app worked in Tiger and earlier versions of the OS X. Tropical Software was working on an update, and produced a version that ran under Mac OS X Leopard and older about the time Apple killed the technology it used to insert the System Menu in the menubar.

iAddressX 3.6 was released last year and has the following changes:

° It adds an option to show Contacts by Group as a sub-menu, or in the main menu (Tropical Software recommends that you enable Contacts by Group if you have many Groups).

° It has a major rewrite of many parts of the code that was originally designed for OS X 10.5 Leopard and older. This version now supports OS X 10.7 Lion and newer.

° It formerly was a Mac OS X Preference Pane. It's now an app installed as a status item in the menu bar

Yes, iAddressX is back, but Tropical Software had to remove some things that didn’t work under the long-ago version. For instance, Phone Valet is out of business, and it's uncertain whether Yahoo Messenger support will ever work, so these features have disabled for now. 

That's understandable. However, iAddress X needs the ability to let you launch a FaceTime chat from the menu bar, something it can't currently do.