DODOcase SMARTvr: Bringing virtual reality to the masses

Since Palmer Luckey and his crew at Oculus have decided that Macs just aren't good enough for his overpriced, overhyped, and late-to-market virtual reality headset, those of us who use Macs and iOS devices will just have to go elsewhere. Fortunately there are some good inexpensive solutions already (ViewMaster, anyone?) and now the good folks at DODOcase in San Francisco have a nifty VR viewer going through crowdfunding. The DODOcase SMARTvr just launched on Indiegogo, and you can pre-order by backing the device for as little as $28.

Now DODOcase already has a VR viewer on the market; it's the cardboard P2 Virtual Reality Pop-Up Viewer I reviewed back in January. Compatible with Google's Cardboard VR initiative, the viewer works with the Google Cardboard app and other VR apps to give you that amazing VR feeling. I use it with my Ricoh Theta S VR camera to capture immersive photos and video, and for a hunk of cardboard with a couple of cheap lenses, it's surprisingly good!

DODOcase's SMARTvr will up the game a bit, by using a nice microsuede exterior and providing a lens cover as well. The entire thing folds up in your pocket for carrying, one heck of a lot better than lugging that big gaming PC and the bulky Oculus Rift around with you everywhere, right?

At publication time, SMARTvr was already at 23% OF its goal of $25,000 with a month to go. I think this is going to take off, folks.