The latest developments in the battle between Apple and the federal government

The war between Apple and the feds regarding the unlocking/refusal to unlock a shooter’s iPhone continues unabated. Here’s a round-up of the latest developments:

Congressman David Jolly has introduced legislation that would restrict taxpayer funding for Apple at a time when the California tech giant refuses to cooperate with law enforcement in an investigation of terrorism on American soil.

an Bernardino District Attorney Michael A. Ramos told a federal judge that Apple must assist the authorities in unlocking the iPhone used by Syed Farook, one of the two San Bernardino shooters that killed 14 people in a killing rampage in December. The phone, which was a county work phone issued to Farook as part of his Health Department duties, may have been the trigger to unleash a "cyber pathogen," county prosecutors said in a brief court filing.

Six family members of victims in the San Bernardino terrorist attack are asking a court to rule in favor of the FBI in the government’s legal battle with Apple. In a filing prepared by California attorney Stephen Larson, victims' families say that data on the iPhone could prove valuable to the ongoing terror investigation and yield answers for families of victims seeking closure.

Apple has posted a letter supporting the company. It was written by Salihin Kondoker, husband of San Bernardino shooting survivor Anies Kondoker.