iPad Pro screen protector, AutoHeal thyself

My portable iOS and OS X devices have a tough life, thanks to their klutzy owner. They tend to get banged up against things, and occasionally dropped. That’s why I always spring for protective cases — and, for my iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Pro, screen protectors.

The best screen protector I’ve found for the latter is the Just Mobile AutoHeal, a full coverage protector. Unlike some screen protectors, it reaches all the way to around the iPad Pro’s edges, which improves impact absorption and helps prevent cracks and chips caused by accidental drops. 

I’ve dropped my Apple tablet twice since applying the Just Mobile screen protector, and it’s survived with nary a scratch. By the way, the drops were accidental. Sorry, AWT readers, but I’ll not intentionally drop it even for review purposes. Steve and I have to pay for all our equipment ourselves (although, if Apple ever wants to change this, we’re game!).

Just Mobile says the AutoHeal is made of “auto-healing smart materials with an advanced fingerprint and dust-resistant smooth-touch coating that consigns sticky-feeling screen protectors to the dustbin of history.” The technology should repair minor scratches on the screen protector. What’s more, the Just Mobile screen protector does alleviate the problem of pesky fingerprints. 

The AutoHeal will cost you 45 bucks. That’s not inexpensive, but it’s a reasonable price to pay to keep the 12.9-inch screen on a pricey iPad Pro safe.

Note that it’s tricky to install (at least it was for me). Your screen should be very clean before you begin applying the AutoHeal. I paid Best Buy to apply mine since I’ve yet to apply a screen protector on an iOS device without leaving bubbles — and those bubbles drive me crazy.