Ex-Apple attorney suing company for racial and religious discrimination

Another day, another lawsuit. Feras Mousilli, a former Apple attorney, is suing Apple and alleging that the company violated anti-discrimination laws by failing to accommodate his religious beliefs. He’s a Muslim.

In a complaint filed in state court in San Jose, Mousilli also claims the company discriminated against him because of his race/national origin (Arab and Syrian), evening refusing to print Arabic on his business cards. What’s more, he claims that:

  • He was told on several occasions that he wasn’t a“cultural fit” for Apple.
  • The company refused to re-schedule weekly meetings with his supervisor so that he could attend Friday prayers.
  • He was subjected to inappropriate jokes about the war in the Middle East, ISIS terrorists, and the war taking place in Syria.

Mousilli says he was fired by Apple in January 2015 on the grounds that he breached confidentiality rules by showing a prototype of an Apple Watch to family and friends. He claimed this was a pretext to fire him.

Mousilli wants at least $25,000 for back wages and for other monetary and punitive damages, as well as compensation for emotional pain and suffering.