Feverprints app: Using ResearchKit to better understand body temperature

Although it's common belief that a "normal" human body temperature is 98.6°F, the actual average for a particular person can be higher or lower. This makes it difficult for healthcare professionals to tell whether a person is running a slight fever or is actually at or below their average body temperature. Feverprints is a new study being run by a team at Boston Children's Hospital using Apple's ResearchKit framework to get a better idea of how average body temperatures not only vary from person to person, but also change during the day.

Anyone can participate in the study by grabbing the Feverprints iPhone app from the App Store. To join the study, you'll be asked to sign a consent form, then regularly take your temperature and answer questions about your health. While any thermometer will work with the study, if you happen to have one that can connect to your iPhone, the information can be uploaded automatically into the app. 

As with many of the other ResearchKit studies that are taking place, participation is completely voluntary but helps to expand medical knowledge. In this case, the Feverprints study could possibly allow doctors to make faster and more accurate diagnoses of infections and other conditions causing fevers.