Notable apps and app updates for March 3, 2016

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks for iOS and OS X:

iOS apps/updates

Video is great. Editing video is not. And just watching long, unedited blobs of video? Horrible. VideoSlam (free with in-app purchases) is the latest app that promises to make editing your video into a nice, concise movie as simple as tapping a few buttons. It is easy - select hours, days, weeks and/or months of video and photos with a tap and the app creates a short and fast movie. You can add dates, time, locations and more information with themes. 

Speaking of videos, here at Apple World Today we see hundreds of new photography apps each year that have filters...but we rarely see them for videography. Infuse - Video Filters (free with in-app purchases) features film-inspired presets, lets you crop, trim and merge videos, and has advanced color and exposure controls to keep your video from getting TOO insane. 

Busy juggling tasks in your work and home lives? Doo ($4.99) is a new and different way to "get things done". To-dos are a welcoming stack of cards, and you just swipe up to complete a task or swipe down to snooze it. Some reviewers believe that there's some promise in the app but it needs some work. Show your support for innovative developers by giving Doo a try!

OS X apps/updates

You have a Mac with a 5K Retina display, so why not have a little retro low-res fun now and then? Dino Run DX ($5.99) is a reboot of the classic web version of Dino Run that was played well over 100 million times online. Just control your dinosaur through a wild landscape to outrun the "Wall of Doom" and try to escape extinction. Oh, and your dinosaurs? They wear hats. Great fun and an awesome runner game.

Never Alone ($8.99) is a popular and beautiful puzzle platformer in which you play as either Nuna (a young Iñupiat girl) or Fox, trekking through tundra, leap across ice floes and face enemies. Never Alone features actual video insight interviews with tribal elders and storytellers to provide players with background about the Alaska Native community. The $8.99 price is 50% off of the regular $17.99 price tag, so pick it up while you can.