Thanks (for nothing), Apple, for removing the podcast creation feature in GarageBand

This week I began experimenting with methods of turning our church’s lessons and sermons into podcasts. I was going to use GarageBand, but evidently a recent version of the app for Mac OS X has removed the ability to create podcasts.

Before version 10, you could launch GarageBand from the Applications folder. Then you could select New Project on the left, then double-click on Podcast. No longer.

It would have been nice if Apple had increased the options for podcasting in GarageBand. Features like the ability to record directly from applications like Skype, Safari or iTunes would have been useful.

Apple dropped the ball on this one — and with no warning. Perhaps the companywill listen and add the podcast feature back to a future version of GarageBand. After all, you can’t really call something an “upgrade” if it removes features that many users find useful.