Pad & Quill releases products for 9.7-inch iPad Pro and iPhone SE

Pad & Quill, the Minneapolis-based purveyor of handmade accessories for everything from the Apple Watch to your favorite Mac laptop, has announced three new cases for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro as well as two cases for the iPhone SE.

For the "little" iPad Pro, Pad & Quill released the $109.95 Oxford for iPad Pro 9.7, a slimline case made of American full-grain leather that works with the Apple Smart Keyboard (see image above). The Oxford is available in two finishes -- Chestnut and Whiskey -- and comes with a 25 year warranty. The Oxford will still be usable when your iPad Pro is a museum piece...

Next up is the $109.95 Contega Linen for iPad Pro 9.7 (above), a wooden book-style case that features the classic archival quality Buckrum linen cover and Baltic Birch wooden frame found on so many of Pad & Quill's products. It will be available in Gray Linen, Charcoal, and Cranberry.

Lastly, the $89.95 Contega Thin Case for iPad Pro 9.7 (above) does away with the wooden frame found on the Contega Linen, replacing it with a special 3M locking adhesive pad. The result is an ultra-thin design that looks great with the iPad Pro. As with the Contega Linen, the Contega Thin comes in Gray Linen, Charcoal and Cranberry.

The company also announced that the popular Bella Fino case and Little Pocket Book case will be available for the new iPhone SE. The Bella Fino ($49.95, see image below) has always been a favorite of mine, featuring full-grain American leather on the outside with four card pockets on the inside for your ID and/or credit cards. It's available in dark chocolate and whiskey (sounds like a good snack!) exterior leather, with interior finishes depending on your choice of leather.

The Little Pocket Book ($59.95, below) is a favorite as well, looking like the classic "little black book" with a leather exterior and Baltic Birch frame surrounding the iPhone SE. While the outside is always basic onyx black, the interior color can be Merlot, French Roast, or Plum. 

We should have a review of the Bella Fino for iPhone SE coming up next month, so stay tuned.