Gum Max Duo adds hours of juice to your iOS device

Like money, you can never have too much juice for your mobile devices. And Just Mobile's Gum Max Duo, a $79.95 twin-powered backup battery, can give your iPhone, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro, and iPod touch (fifth gen) an extra boost of energy.

How much? Just Mobile says an extra seven hours of battery life. That’s pretty accurate, more or less, depending on what you're doing.

Plus, you can charge two devices at the same time thanks to its two USB outputs and 11200mAh capacity. One port offers 2.4A, while the other provides 1A. The first is for charging a tablet; the second is for most smartphones. The ability to charge both simultaneously is the "gotta have it" feature of the Just Mobile product.

The 8-LED charge indicator lets you can keep an eye on Gum Max Duo's remaining power. The twin-powered backup battery also comes with a mini USB charging cable and a Rubber Sleeve -- available in black, blue, red or yellow -- to protect it when you're traveling. The shockproof sleeve covers the back of the battery, but offers access to the USB ports. Conveniently, the LED shows through the rubber sleeves. 

For road warriors who need all the extra battery power they can get for their iPads, iPhones and iPod touches, this is an excellent addition to a traveling arsenal.