Forty-eight percent of millennials pick Google and Apple as the tech companies at which they would prefer to work

Forty-eight percent of 1,000 millennials (folks between the ages of 18 and 34) chose Google and Apple as the top two tech companies they would most like to work for, according to a GetVoIP poll.

An impressive 32.3% of the respondents chose Google. The second most desired company was Apple, which 16% of respondents opted for. These top two choices, Google and Apple, align with LinkedIn’s top 100 companies of 2015, which was a study of the top companies not only in tech, but across six different industries.

GetVoIP says Apple is known for providing great benefits, even to part-time employees. It also offers tech discounts and training classes and encourages employee growth. It has the second highest base salary — $125,321 for software engineers — and the third highest rating, a 4.0. Apple and Google also have the second and third highest market cap of $595 billion and $509 respectively.

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