Apple knows about iOS 9 web link issue, has a fix coming soon

During the "day of tech hell" I experienced yesterday (AWT host issues, power outage, broadband outage to start with...) I also discovered that my iPad Pro had fallen prey to to dreaded iOS 9 web link issue. This issue causes crashes or hanging of apps when a web link is tapped, and it just showed up for me yesterday, turning an already frustrating day into a completely aggravating one. Well, Apple has confirmed that there's an issue and that a fix will arrive soon.

9to5Mac noted that the app -- which was on my iPad Pro -- contained a website association file that was multiple megabytes in size. That file is used by iOS 9 to manage universal links, and the large file was overloading the Shared Web Content Daemon that then forced the calling app to crash. has apparently fixed the app with a much smaller (4K) association file, and users experiencing the problem should uninstall, then reinstall the app to fix the issue. 

Sadly, it's not just the app that is causing the problem; other apps also cause the same issue and in some cases, deletion of the app won't solve the problem as the website association file will persist. Resetting the cache on your device -- as outlined here -- may fix the issue, but if you'd rather not go through 21 steps to fix it, wait for Apple to come out with an official fix. When that will happen is unknown.