Accessible Apple: Twitter makes photos accessible to the vision-impaired

Looking at the usual Twitter timeline, it's obvious that photos -- whether selfies, pictures of political candidates, or images of words -- are a big part of the social network. Until now, though, those who have impaired vision have been left out of that flood of images. Twitter has added the ability to include descriptions to photos, meaning that it's now possible for those with impaired vision to "see" what's been included with a tweet.

At this time, only the official Twitter app has the ability to add descriptions. To enable the capability, tap on the Me tab, tap the gear (settings) button, tap Settings, then tap the Accessibility button. On the Accessibility tab, tap the "Compose image descriptions" button to enable it. 

Now when a tweet with an image is composed, a button appears that says "Add description". With a tap, a description of up to 420 characters length can be added. That description is read aloud when a person uses VoiceOver in the official Twitter app.

We're fans of accessibility here at Apple World Today, and we applaud Twitter's addition of the visual descriptions to its app.