The good and not-so-good attributes of Griffin's Survivor Slim for the iPad Pro

There’s a lot to love about Griffin Technology’s Survivor Slim for iPad Pro, though I can’t endorse it whole-heartedly. First, let’s look at the positives of the $89.99 case.

It’s biggest plus: it offers consideration protective in a (relatively) slim form factor, though the Survivor Slim will add a bit of bulk to the super-sized iPad. Many users will find a little extra heft worth it for the multi-layered drop protection and polycarbonate shell that protects the iPad Pro from drops up to six feet. That’s according to the folks at Griffin; I’ll take their word for it, as I’m not dropping my pricey Apple tablet just to find out.

The Survivor Slim also sports an integrated anti-scratch screen shield that protects the touchscreen and home button from scratches without hampering the sensitivity of the Multi-Touch display and Touch ID feature. That’s a great feature for folks like me who can’t apply screen protectors without creating annoying air bubbles. Even with all these protective features, the case is slim enough to slide into a book bag, backpack or briefcase.

Another plus: the case’s non-slip texturing makes it easy to hold onto the Survivor Slim. And the texture helps prevent slippage off a desk top or tablet top.  

Another nice feature is the storage grip on the back of the case that holds an Apple Pencil, an essential iPad Pro accessory for many users, in place. Plus, a built-in kickstand locks into place to hold the iPad Pro at different angles for viewing, drawing, typing or multitasking. 

You can even connect Apple's Smart Keyboard without removing the case via an opening on the side. That’s cool, but there are some drawbacks. You’ll have to use anincluded Magnetic Keyboard Adapter to activate the keyboard. Plus, the Smart Keyboard won’t wake up your iPad Pro or put it to sleep with the Survivor Slim installed. 

My biggest gripe with the case, however, is that I found it very hard to install. Even after watching Griffin’s how-to video, dressing up my iPad Pro was a lesson in frustration. You, however, may be more talented than this than I am.