iOS apps that can help you celebrate Tsunami Preparedness Week

This is Tsunami Preparedness Week as recognized by the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program (NTHMP) to coincide with the date of the 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake and Tsunamis (March 27). While some states and territories also plan to promote tsunami preparedness this week, others do so at different times. However, you can celebrate the week by downloading the following apps at the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPad:

Tsunami Alert, which provides warnings about tsunamis happening all over the world. The free app is designed to protect you against tsunamis and teach you how to survive one. Tsunami Alert also allows you to view tsunamis on a world map and teaches the science behind them.

Earthquakes!, a free app that allows you to set alerts for your area based on distance and strength to receive notifications on your phone. (Earthquakes have th potential to cause tsunamis.) You can also view earthquakes that have already occurred in a list view, organized by magnitude. With map view, you can find quakes closest to you and see details such as distance from you, start time and magnitude.

ubAlert, a free app that connects to a global social network that operates to save lives by “sharing the knowledge of the world's citizens with those in danger.” You have access to alerts that contain basic event details, impact statistics, maps, images, videos, and more. You can instantly share alerts with friends and family members to get them out of harm’s way via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Earthquake by American Red Cross, another free app that allows you to get notifications and alerts when earthquakes or a tsunami occurs, prepare your family and home, find help and let others know you are safe even if the power is out.