How to set up Medical ID on your iPhone

If you have a recent iPhone, it has a feature called Medical ID (built into the Health app) that you should implement. It allows you to enter info about yourself that can be useful during medical emergencies. This includes the name and phone number of a family member or friend that you want to be contacted in the event that you have a medical crisis. 

You can choose to have this information accessible from your lock screen (which I recommend) so that medical responders can see the emergency card without unlocking your phone’s screen. To create a Medical ID, access the Health app on your iPhone, and then press “Create Medical ID.” 

To add emergency contacts and health information like your birth date, height, and blood type, tap Medical ID > Edit. Turn on Show When Locked to make your Medical ID available from the Lock screen. In an emergency, this gives people who want to help some important information, like the emergency contacts that you've entered.

If the iPhone is locked, follow these steps:

  • Wake the device, then swipe left to right.
  • Tap Emergency.

On the Emergency call screen, you can make a call or tap Medical ID to see emergency medical information stored on the device.