Mellel Lite is solid, no-frills Mac OS X word processor

If you need a solid, no-frills Mac OS X word processor, Mellel Lite available exclusively on the Mac App Store for $14.99, may fill your bill.

It packs many features of its big brother, Mellel, with the exception of some "expert" options. It's a "lite" but not lightweight version of the veteran word processor.

Mellel Lite's features include: auto-titles, footnotes and endnotes, templates, lists, tables, markers, the ability to track changes, outlining, sorting, line numbering, the ability to insert images as floating or inline objects, advanced Find and Replace, character styles, paragraph styles, column styles, page styles, list styles, statistics and word county, special View options, a full screen option, the ability to insert the date and time, and the ability to export and import to and from Microsoft Word, DOC, RTF, plain text and OPML flies.

Mellel Lite was recently revved to version 3.4.4. It improved support for font substitution with Coptic text. It also added Coptic, Thai and Lao scripts to the secondary font script list.

If you use Mellel Lite (compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or later) then decide you do need more features, you can always move up to Mellel itself if Apple's Pages doesn't suit you (though it's my word processor of choice). Mellel costs $39 -- or $29 for scholars, educators and students.