Most Americans trust Apple with their data (but not anymore than Google, Amazon, and Microsoft)

Most Americans trust Apple to protect their personal information from hackers, according to a national Reuters/Ipsos poll — but not any more than rivals Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

When asked if they trust Apple to protect data from hackers, 60% of respondents said they “strongly agreed” or “somewhat agreed,” according to the poll, conducted March 11 to 16. That’s in line with responses to the same questions about Alphabet's Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

However, folks were less trusting of two of the six companies covered in the poll: Facebook and Yahoo. Asked if they trust Facebook to protect personal information from hackers, 39 % said they agreed. For Yahoo, 44% agreed.

The poll found only one in 10 people consider security options such as encryption and passcode protection to be the most important considerations when shopping for a new phone. Performance and price were far ahead, each ranked as the most important factor by about a third of those polled.