DiRT 3 Complete Edition can fulfill your need for speed (and grit)

DiRT 3 Complete Edition for the Mac continues the tradition of excellent racing games from Feral Interactive, along with titles like GRID 2 Reloaded Edition and Formula 1.

It's an off-road and rally racing game available at the Mac App Store. Originally developed and published for PC and consoles, DiRT 3 Complete Edition is the latest of Codemasters’ racing games to be brought to the Mac by Feral. And it's a welcome addition to the Mac gaming line-up.

DiRT 3 Complete Edition includes some of the greatest cars from over 50 years of off-road racing. You test speed, skill and nerve in all-terrain motorsport events such as head-to-head battles and point-to-point rallies in environments ranging from Finnish forest to African plains, Aspen mountain trails, Norweigan mountain roads, London's Battersea Power Station, and more. There are six high-octane disciplines including Rally, Rallycross and Gymkhana, a freestyle event hosted by rally star Ken Block.

DiRT 3's graphics are lush and vibrant as you speed over bridges and through tunnels and drive on surfaces that include dust, asphalt, and gravel. The game is relatively easy on beginner's, but you'll have to work to master it. Once you think you've got your day racing down pat, you'll be tossed into a night drive. Once you've gotten used to rain, you'll be sliding through snow.  

Like most Feral games, DiRT has gamepad support. The first thing to do if you want to play with a gamepad is find out which gamepads your game supports. Many of the Feral games have a list of supported gamepads in their FAQs. I’m using an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller and it works fine (though you’ll have to have a wireless receiver for this to work; there’s no way to implement — as far as I know — wireless gamepad support via Bluetooth on the Mac.)

However, you’ll need to download and install a device driver, a piece of software that allows your computer to interact with other pieces of hardware. Feral recommends (and I agree wholeheartedly) Tattiebogle’s drivers, which enable you to use both wired and wireless Xbox 360 controllers with Mac games. The drivers are free to download from tattiebogle.net and licensed under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). (BTW, I found it worked better downloading the driver (disk image) rather than the source (ZIP) file. 

Install the drivers, and you’ll find an Xbox Controllers pane at the bottom of the Mac OS X Systems Preferences app. Then make sure the gamepad is switched to DirectInput mode. Not all gamepads have this feature, but those that do have a switch with the options “D” (DirectInput) and “X” (XInput) on either side. Make sure the switch is switched to “D."

Once you’ve done this, plug your gamepad into your Mac and launch the game. In most cases, the game will ask you to choose an input method (i.e. the peripheral you will be using to control the game) at the Main Menu. Simply press any button on the gamepad, and the game will recognize it.

Also, you can play the game using a Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad, although I didn't find it intuitive. If you want to give it a try, you must first enable the secondary click function on your mouse or trackpad. This will enable you to perform a right-click by clicking the right-hand side of your mouse or trackpad.

To do this, follow these instructions:

  • Open System Preferences ( Menu → System Preferences).
  • Select Mouse or Trackpad (depending on which you are using).
  • Select the Point & Click tab.
  • Check the Secondary Click checkbox. 

However, for the best possible gameplay, you'll want to use a steering wheel with DiRT 3. Most standard USB wheels will work with DiRT 3 Complete Edition. The wheels in the following list have been tested: the Logitech Driving Force GT, the Logitech G27, and the Logitech MOMO.

You may need to map the game controls to inputs on your wheel and its components (such as pedals, if available) before racing. To do this, follow these instructions:

  • Ensure that your wheel and any components are connected to your Mac, then launch DiRT 3 Complete Edition.
  • From the Main Menu, select Options.
  • Select Controls.
  • Select Steer Left, then perform the action on your wheel to which you wish to map the “steer left” command.
  • Repeat step 4 for all the other game commands, mapping them to the desired action on your wheel.

You should note that though Force Feedback (FFB) is supported by DiRT 3 Complete Edition, many hardware manufacturers do not provide Force Feedback drivers for Mac OS X. This means that Force Feedback may not currently work in DiRT 3 Complete Edition.

If you're a racing fan, you'll certainly want to get behind the wheel of DiRT 3 Complete Edition. It's one of the best — if not the best — games of its type around on any platform. 

Unfortunately, the Mac Store version doesn't support online multiplayers. However, that's planned for upcoming Steam version of the game. 


DiRT 3 Complete Edition retails for US$29.99. It comes with all available add-on content, including 18 additional cars and 12 new routes at two locations set at the iconic Monte Carlo region and an X-Games Asia event feature. 

Minimum system requirements call for a 2.0GHz Intel Mac with at least 4GB RAM, 256MB or better graphics card, and Mac OS 10.9.5 or later. The game supports NVIDIA 1xx series graphics cards or better, the Intel HD4000 series or better and AMD 4xxx series or better. The NVIDIA 3xx series is not supported. A Steam account will be required to access online multiplayer.