Apple reportedly has at least six cloud infrastructure projects underway

Apple has at least six projects underway to develop cloud infrastructure, including one codenamed “Project McQueen” designed to build its own data storage systems, according to The Information. 

Others purportedly include projects to build servers, networking equipment and systems that could one day help developers to power their apps. However, Apple can’t move off rival cloud services entirely until all the cloud elements are ready, “although it will be able to limit its dependence on others if some of these were completed,” according to The Information.

“Project McQueen” is a plan to become more reliant on its own data center infrastructure and reduce its dependence on public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, according to VentureBeat. Why? The Cupertino, California-based company isn’t happy that AWS doesn’t load photos and videos onto users’ iOS devices quickly enough. Apple has bought land in both China and Hong Kong to build out data centers, according to VentureBeat. In the meantime, Apple may use Google’s public cloud in addition to Azure and AWS, according to CRN.