BRAVEN announces the BRV-XXL: One big party speaker


Sunday was the first day of spring, marking the start of (hopefully) good weather for outdoor fun and parties. What goes with parties, other than good food and adult beverages? Music! The new BRAVEN BRV-XXL is billed as the "ultimate indoor and outdoor party speaker," which means that it's big, loud and ready for fun. 

Priced at $349.99, the BRV-XXL features 14 hour play time with a mammoth 15,600 mAh battery built in that can be used for charging your iPhone and iPad as well. But let's not look at this thing as just a big honkin' battery -- it's a monster speaker. The BRV-XXL has quadruple audio drives and a massive subwoofer firing from both sides of the unit so there are no dead zones.

Since it can be used outside, the BRV-XXL is IPX5 water resistant and designed to take shocks and drops without missing a beat. The case has tie-down loops and a carry strap, so it can be secured to truck beds, picnic tables or anything else in motion or not. There's a built-in control for adjusting bass, treble, and volume, as well as skipping tracks if necessary. Need to make the BRV-XXL into the 2016 equivalent of Mr. Microphone? There's a 3.5 mm microphone input so you can address the public, issue orders to your minions, or sing badly at loud volume.

We're hoping to get one of these big boys soon for a review and subscriber giveaway, so stay tuned to Apple World Today for more info about the BRAVEN BRV-XXL. They're available now through BRAVEN's website, and will be in Best Buy stores and on soon.