Dual-jack Heist may not be Wicked good, but they're pretty good earbuds

If you need or want to share audio, Wicked Audio’s Heist earbuds offer an inexpensive way to do so. The $29.99 'buds have a dual-jack design, making them handy for sharing music and watching movies together.

The sharing feature is offered with the second jack built into the earbuds cord. A friend can plug in her own set of headphones into the jack. Gold-plated jacks help prevent corrosion, and three sizes of ear buds/cushions are provided to fit different size ears. 

Also, the Heist earbuds look great. They come in three flavors: slate/yellow, rust/ivory, and black/white.

The noise isolation feature enhances the sound. That said, the audio quality of the Heist is good if not great. The bass is a little weak. Of course, we're only talking a price tag of $30, so the audio is more than acceptable for earbuds in this price range. Here are the Heist's specs:

Driver 10 mm

Sensitivity 103dB

Frequency 20-20,000 Hz

Impedance 16 Ohms

By the way, it would have been handy if the Heist earbuds came with a carrying pouch.