Join us today for our Apple event liveblog

Happy March 21! Today's one of those days that Apple fans the world around look forward to, when we find out about new products coming out from the world's largest technology company. At 9:50 AM PDT/12:50 EDT today, we'll be going live with our coverage of Apple's "Let us loop you in" spring event. Just stop by at about that time and you'll see the liveblog post; open it, and you can read our commentary as the event progresses.

We encourage you to not only hang out as we liveblog, but to watch the event live either on your Apple TV or by pointing your browser to Apple's event page. That way you get the best of both worlds - the live event from Cupertino and our commentary. Feel free to ask questions or make comments, and we'll try to answer you as we can. 

See you later today!