Amazon's former vice president of information security moves to Apple

Apple has hired Amazon's former vice president of information security George Stathakopoulos days before the company is due to meet U.S. prosecutors in court over the encryption fight involving an iPhone linked to last year's San Bernardino shooting, reports Reuters.

Quoting unnamed “people familiar with the matter,” the article says that Stathakopoulos started work at Apple a week ago and reports to Apple’s chief financial officer and will be responsible for protecting corporate assets, such as the computers used to design products and develop software, as well as data about customers. The company’s heads of hardware and software remain in charge of protecting users of Apple’s products, says Reuters. Before Amazon and Apple, Stathakopoulo was Microsoft’s general manager of product security.

In regards to the case involving San Bernardino shooter, Syed Farook, the Department of Justice has asked that its hearing with Apple on March 22 concerning the iPhone of be an evidentiary hearing. This means that both sides will be able to cross-examine witnesses that have made declarations to the courts. During a conference call with reporters, Apple attorneys said they were surprised by the last-minute request and said that this is something that should been asked for weeks ago, according to engadget.